Our Services

We were the pioneer in providing Safety Lifeline Solutions in Singapore.

Back in 1998, during the construction of Bukit Panjang Light Rail Train (LRT) tracks, we were chosen to provide the Horizontal Lifeline System along the 14km track.

Since then, we have been providing fall protection solutions to our customers.

Our services cover the full scope:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Installation
  • End user demonstration
  • Inspection and Maintenance

We have our high skilled and competent Civil & Structural Engineering Team to perform the full scope services to ensure Safety, Quality and

We also provide a wide range of professional equipment related to work at height and safety:

  • Lifelines (horizontal, vertical, overhang)
  • Fall arrest equipment: Full Body Harnesses, Lanyards, Self-Retracting Lifeline…
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Head, Eye, Respiratory, Ear, Hand, Foot protection.


Our professional fall protection specialists will identify the problems, consult with our Civil & Structural Engineering Team and design customized fall protection solutions to ensure personnel’s safety to perform construction or maintenance work at height.

Our design may include the following:

  • Structural analysis and design for fall protection loads imposed to building structure
  • Plans/drawings indicating proposed system layout, equipments, and installation details
  • E. stamped plan/drawings.
  • E. stamped calculations for equipment and installation methods


Our professional fall protection specialists will work hand-in-hand with customers to design the systems to ensure complete regulatory compliance.

Our complete engineering package:

  • Identify project-specific requirements to determine the safest and most cost-efficient system
  • Prepare preliminary design drawings
  • State-specific P.E. stamped shop drawings available at additional costs


Our professional fall protection specialists will be onsite to oversee installation to ensure that the fall protection system is in conformance with the original designs and safety regulations compliance.

Installation process:

  • Provide training and step-by-step instruction for installation
  • Perform the final inspection of the system
  • Perform any required load testing
  • Perform the final inspection of the system
  • Provide end user training


We provide end user training following system installation which consists of fall protection awareness along with site-specific use & inspection instructions for the installed system.

A non-comprehensive program can also be implemented to train your employees for routine inspection and maintenance.

Annual recertification programs are also available to ensure continuous compliance with safety regulations compliance.

Inspection and Maintenance

Singapore Standards 570:2011 (SS570:2011) and Workplace Safety & Health Guidelines  states that it is a legal requirement for all fall arrest systems and personal protective equipment’s to undergo periodic inspection by a competent person to certify that they remain compliant and safe to use.

BMJ Worldwide Pte Ltd provides the service package of inspection and maintenance that provides maintenance, inspection, certification and repair for your fall protection equipment/system.

BMJ’s team of trained and certified officers are dedicated to providing safety and training to all our customers and the equipment that we provide.

BMJ Worldwide Pte Ltd maintains a database of all installations and inspections of our clients.  We provide the extra service of notifying our clients at least 2-3 months prior to the annual inspection date, to assist our clients in up keeping of their records and reducing their liability.

Maintenance procedures of Inspection and Certification:

  • Inspection of all equipment and installation sites carried out in accordance to manufacturer’s recommendations and Singapore’s statutory requirements.
  • System identification labelling/marking for the installed safety lifeline system
  • Proposed repairs and replacement of equipment (if any).
  • Upon completion, a comprehensive & detailed reports on inspection conducted, recommendations of repairs or replacements when required will be presented.
  • Issuance of one year of certificate of inspection.