Upcoming Sales Promotion for Jul to Aug – Oil Spill Kit Up to 30% Discount

1. JSP 500L Oil Spill Kit

The mobile nature of the container allows a quick response to large oil spills. The large sorbent capacity will deal with up to 500 litres of oil, and the inclusion of booms make it possible to contain and collect oil from a water course.
Comprising of pads, sheets, 44metre sorbent roll, socks, booms, roll of caution tape, 5 litre tub of leak block granules, instruction sheet, disposal bags and ties, disposable coveralls, pairs of indirect vent goggles, pairs of overshoes and pairs of gloves, all held in a wheeled container.

2. JSP Oil Sock

Size: 0.8m x 1.2m

Sorbent capacity 25 ltr per boom