1. Jetstream PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator)

The first affordable fully approved unit to EN12941, which features ALL the equipment needed in one complete pack. Jetstream® is a belt-mounted rechargeable respirator with a large capacity disposable dust filter. Waist belt and power unit weighs just 765g. Jetstream® delivers 180 lt/min of air through the filter via a highly flexible hose to the desired headtop.

The Switch and Go unit comes complete with a white nylon head top. Jetstream® Switch & Go pack Contains: PSL Filter, Hose, Charger, Carry Case, Battery, White Nylon Headtop, Flow Meter & UK Plug.

Filter Performance: Offers an assigned protection factor (APF) of 20 x Work place      Exposure Limit (WEL) for very fine dusts, fibres, fumes and aqueous mists.

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1. JSP 500L Oil Spill Kit

The mobile nature of the container allows a quick response to large oil spills. The large sorbent capacity will deal with up to 500 litres of oil, and the inclusion of booms make it possible to contain and collect oil from a water course.
Comprising of pads, sheets, 44metre sorbent roll, socks, booms, roll of caution tape, 5 litre tub of leak block granules, instruction sheet, disposal bags and ties, disposable coveralls, pairs of indirect vent goggles, pairs of overshoes and pairs of gloves, all held in a wheeled container.

2. JSP Oil Sock

Size: 0.8m x 1.2m

Sorbent capacity 25 ltr per boom


Safety is a primary concern in any industrial environment for both employees and a company. There are four types of workplace hazards which may endanger you or a fellow worker. These hazards include:

  • Physical hazards, such as frayed cords, ladder work, spills, exposed moving parts and even constant loud noise.
  • Chemical hazards, whether they’re liquid, gas or solid. Gasoline, flammable materials, carbon monoxide, fumes and solvents are common chemical hazards on the job.
  • Biological hazards, such as blood, bacteria and animal droppings.
  • Ergonomic hazards, which occur if you’re forced to work in a position that causes a great deal of strain. This includes jobs that require frequent lifting or working in poor lighting conditions.

Along with proper training, policies and labeling, safety equipment is the best way to avoid workplace injury. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 118 cases per 10,000 workers of severe occupational injury or illness in 2010 with a total of 3.5 cases of non-fatal occupational injury per 100 workers. There were also 4,547 fatal work injuries in 2010. Fortunately, safety equipment used on the job can prevent a large percentage of work-related injuries.


So what equipment is necessary? It depends on the job, although gloves, safety glasses, harnesses, ear plugs, hard hats, protective clothing and face masks are basic necessities. Here’s how each is designed to protect you while you work.

  1. Protective clothing is made from material that offers protection against chemical splashes, asbestos, grease and even open flames. This sort of clothing is designed for auto workers, construction workers, chemists and any other career that exposes you to potential hazards.
  2. Body harnesses are a form of fall protection, an important lifeline for construction workers.
  3. Respirators should comply with OSHA standards and may be either air-purifying to force contaminated air through a filter or air-supplying, which supplies a fresh outside air. There are also disposable face masks that may be oil resistant or oil proof.
  4. Work gloves are designed to protect you from both absorbing harmful substances through your skin and sustaining a hand injury. Types of work gloves include industrial work gloves, rubber gloves for handling chemicals or dry applications, and Kevlar gloves for construction and protection from abrasions.
  5. Hearing protection is important if you’re exposed to constant loud noise. Foam or memory foam protection is often used by industrial workers, while amplifying ear protection is best when you need to hear voices yet muffle loud noises.
  6. Safety glasses are designed to give you a barrier between your eyes and dangerous debris or infectious material. There are many types of eye protection, including glasses, goggles, face shields and visors, depending on the type of conditions you’re working in. When choosing eye protection, make sure you maintain good peripheral vision and a secure fit.

Finally, hard hats are recommended by OSHA for anyone exposed to falling debris, burns, electrical shock, or bumps on the job. Hard hats come in various grades for the type of penetration and impact they can sustain, while some are insulated to protect against electrical hazards.


EVO3™ Vented, Standard Peak, Revolution™ Wheel Ratchet & 3D Adjustment System (EN397) – PSB Approved

The EVO3™ Comfort Plus™ helmet combines a super strong shell for superior all day protection in the widest range of environments, with the comfort benefits of the new Evolution 3D Adjustment™ harness system. EVO3™ is a true evolution of the long established Mk2™ and Mk3™ helmets, which were first launched in the 1970s, the EVO3™ retains the JSP signature styling while incorporating developments first seen in the EVO8™. Packed full of the latest protection technology and features such as the Evolution 3D Adjustment™ harness system, Revolution™ Wheel Ratchet.

Tough HDPE shell In tests the EVO3™ proved far tougher than the EN397 standard required and far tougher than any of its competitors.

Supreme Comfort A 6-point terylene cradle harness system offers unrivalled comfort without compromising performance.

Chamlon™ Sweatband Egyptian cotton core with porous PU coating for maximum sweat absorption. PH neutral, dermatologically tested.

3D Precision Fitting Never before has such a precise fit been attainable on an industrial safety helmet, using the unique 1-2-3 point harness depth settings.

Adjustment Revolution™ Wheel Ratchet.

Ventilation Side and rear ventilation for optimum air movement inside the shell, reducing helmet temperatures by an average 2-3°C.

Evospec™ The helmet with integral visor ensures that eye protection is on hand when needed and never lost, whilst removing the need for additional eye protection. Protects to EN166.1.F

Universal Slots Enables firm fitting of a range of Surefit™ safety visors and ear defenders.