BMJ DM9995 N95 Disposable Particulate Respirators

Conform to NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84 standard as N95 class

  1. Pre-shaped Nose Cushion: Ensure custom shape and increase worker comfort and acceptance.  No metal nosepiece to ensure no contact of metal on skin, safe to use in high voltage workplaces.
  2. Full Cup Size: Reduces carbon dioxide build-up, greater comfort for long period usage.
  3. Cool Latex-Free Cloth Head Strap: For extra comfort for long wearing, fit.
  4. Patented Adjustable Head Strap: Patent adjustable head strap buckle for best personal fit.
  5. Embossed Fringe Seal: Avoids fluffy open layer around edges, contour design ensures compatibility of glasses, goggles and reduces fogging.
  6. Double Layered: Additional features of double layered to provide fluid resistant.
  • 95% filtration efficiency against solid particulates and non-petroleum based liquid aerosols.
  • Construct of Hypo-allergenic materials and latex-free cloth head straps
  • Metal Free – no metal nosepiece or staple, safe to use in high voltage workplaces
  • Exclusive design and contoured mask fits with the natural shape of the face minimizing pressure points
  • Strong and rigid outer shell prevents mask from collapse in high humidity or moist environments
  • Adjustable head straps keep the respirator comfortably on the user’s face
  • Molded nose bridge, comfortably fits a variety of face shapes and sizes